rules and credits

Being in the mountains is dangerous, challenging but also unique and wonderful. The same is true when surfing the internet.

Your safety is at the center of all of our works. All our Team here at Agent is dedicated to create the best experience possible. Practicing safe code during the conference sessions, delivering pleasant experiences while traveling, at your stay or while going out with us, we want to make sure that you get back home safe.

Even tough we use modern ad networks, current retargeting technology and latest hosting services we kindly ask you to do your best in supporting our effort of your safety. Please note that all our pictures are captured under creative commons license and might be used for further marketing.

One thing we got to mention clearly: In case you get hurt, injured or killed Agent Conf, its Co-Organizers and StarsMedia IT Management KG can not take any responsibility since we only organize a couple of talks and got no influence on your driving skills, slopes or other conditions.

Please note that the Photos on this site are captured by Nina Bröll, Christoph Blank, Matthias Rhomberg, Paul Turkowski, Unsplash Photographers and others.